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The ability to check out a range of options is important because it helps you answer questions like:

• How much can I afford to spend on my new home?
• How long do I need to pay off my mortgage?
• How will my monthly mortgage loan payments change using different mortgage interest rates?

As you find a variety of deals and mortgage rates on offer, the mortgage payment calculator helps you stay in control and make well-informed decisions. Mortgage Payment Calculator: How Does it Work? You need the following three sets of figures:

  • A range of mortgage interest rates
  • The loan amounts you are considering
  • The number of years you want the loan to run

You input these figures, click the results bar, and the mortgage payment calculator automatically produces a table that shows your monthly mortgage loan payments for a range of loan amounts and mortgage rates.

You may be surprised by just how much difference mortgage interest rates can make in the amount you pay over the life of your loan. Equally, a longer or shorter loan period can markedly alter the amount of your interest payments. Mortgage payment calculators help you balance the different components of your mortgage and find the results that work for you.

Loan CalculatorMortgage Calculator
Mortgage CalculatorLoan Calculator
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